Meet the Team

of Media Storytellers

Cabrini University's 2022-2023 Senior Communication Capstone Students

Fall 2022

Ryan_Port Social

Ryan Chybinski

Ryan is a Digital Communication and Social Media major at Cabrini University graduating with his bachelor’s degree in May 2023.

On campus, Ryan has been involved in many organizations and activities. Ryan has served as the Sports Editor for Cabrini's award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Loquitur, Ryan also serves as a talent for Cabrini’s newest production house called House 67. Ryan can be seen on multiple programs for House 67, including the sports round table and a weekly tech recap going over three of the biggest tech stories for that week. Finally, Ryan serves as the lead play-by-play announcer for Cabrini’s Athletic Department broadcast, where his voice can be heard covering almost all of the DIII sports offered at the university.

On this website, Ryan told the story of how political arguments are affecting the work to be done to solve the epidemic of gun violence around the country. He produced an audio asset introducing listeners to  Frontline Dads, a non-political organization working to solve gun violence in the Philadelphia area. After graduation Ryan aspires to land a job in the sports media field calling games or races or producing social media content for teams or leagues. To learn more about Ryan, check out his Linkedin profile.

Jyair_Port Social

Jyair Fields

Jyair will graduate in December 2022 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.                                                                 

Throughout his time at Cabrini, Jyair wrote for The Loquitur, Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run news organization. This role helped him become a better writer on social justice issues that matter in the world. One of his greatest accomplishments is being on the Dean's List while being a student-athlete for two consecutives years. Jyair was also named as a Hamilton Scholar student. Jyair is a first generation college student defying many odds. Dedication and motivation have pushed him in his studies and given him core skills like writing, editing and photography. After graduation, Jyair plans to work in fitness coaching with younger children. One of his biggest goals is to see others succeed through his encouragement, just as he was pushed by coaches, family and mentors in the past.

On this website, Jyair focused on gun lobby groups being too fast to blame mental health for the high rates of gun violence when they really just need to work together on common sense reforms. He was drawn to this topic mainly because he lost his father to gun violence at eight-years-old. He has always wanted to know if there was something that could have prevented him from losing his father, which gave him determination in his research. Reach out to Jyair on LinkedIn and view some of his work on his WordPress site.

Sophia_Port Social

Sophia Gerner

Sophia will graduate in May 2023 from Cabrini University with a double major in Communication and Education.                                                

At Cabrini, Sophia has starred as an on-air talent for the student-managed video production agency, House 67 Productions, and has served as Editor-in-Chief and Layout and Design Managing Editor for the award-winning, student-run campus newspaper, The Loquitur. She has also been selected two years in a row to mentor incoming freshman students enrolled in the Communication Learning Community courses as their classroom coach and student fellow and was the Cabrini Cheerleading Captain her senior year.

While balancing work, school, and extracurricular activities, Sophia has earned Dean’s and President’s List honors all four years of college. She also prides herself on her accomplishment of leading her newsroom as Editor-in-Chief to win 12 national awards in a year, with five awards being her own. Awards were granted from two agencies known as The Pennsylvania News Media Association - 2022 Keystone Media Awards and The College Media Association - 2022 Pinnacle Awards. Dedication, leadership, and always wanting to be the best she can be has helped Sophia grow her skill sets related to broadcasting, writing, and graphic design.

On this website, Sophia focused on accidental shootings relating to adolescents. Being a double major and spending half of her time studying education and working with younger children, Sophia was drawn to this topic. It combined her two passions – making a difference in the world by spreading factual information and solutions, and researching how to educate the younger generation to keep them safe while growing up in our world. Sophia’s aspirations for after graduation are to pursue an extraordinary life and have a positive impact on the world. While having a passion for working with children coming into college and finding a passion she didn’t know she had in Communication, Sophia decided to combine both over her college experience and ultimately decided to pursue her dream of broadcasting. To learn more about Sophia, reach out to her on LinkedIn and view her work on her WordPress website.

Toniann_Port Social

Toniann Gooden

Toniann will graduate in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media and a minor in Writing from Cabrini University.

Toniann worked as the Lifestyles Editor for The Loquitur, an award-winning, student-run newspaper in the 2021-2022 school year. She won First Place honors from the Pennsylvania Keystone Media Awards for her column on diversity. She enjoys writing about social justice issues as well as entertainment-related topics.

During college, Toniann worked as a social media intern at Wayne Presbyterian Church where she developed their social media presence and increased their online engagement.

On this website, Toniann told the story of the use of firearms in domestic violence situations and the need for mental health support to break the cycle of violence. After graduation, Toniann plans to go into writing for the media. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Bella_Port Social

Isabella LoPolito

Isabella will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.                                                   

At Cabrini, Isabella was a member of the university’s student-run social media agency, Social Nexus. She has also written numerous articles for the award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Loquitur. While balancing work and school, Isabella has earned Dean’s List recognition for two consecutive years at Cabrini. She is also a photojournalist for Cabrini’s Loquitur.

Dedication, communication, and motivation have helped Isabella strengthen her skills related to content creation, digital marketing, writing, photography, and video editing. After graduation, Isabella intends to pursue a career in social media or digital marketing. To learn more about Isabella, view her WordPress site and reach out to her on LinkedIn.

Kyle_Port Social

Kyle McCaughey

Kyle will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Sports Communication from Cabrini University in May 2023.

He has written more than eight articles for Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run news organization, the Loquitur. He helped start an Ultimate Frisbee Club that ran from 2018-2020. Kyle used his sports knowledge, upbeat personality and creativity to start a successful TikTok channel with 11k followers currently.

Jacob_Port Social

Jacob Pegan

Jacob will graduate in May 2023 from Cabrini University with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. 

While at Cabrini, Jacob served as the News Editor for The Loquitur, an award-winning, student-run newspaper in the 2022-2023 school year. He also worked with Cabrini University's student-run video production agency, House 67 Productions. Along with working in the Communication Department at Cabrini, Jacob worked as an Orientation Leader for the university in 2021 and 2022. In Spring 2022, he was named to the Dean’s List.

Jacob has expertise in copy editing, writing, video editing, and reporting for journalism. On this website, Jacob chose to focus on how gun violence affects the mental health of children and teachers. He chose this issue because media outlets covering gun violence often overlook how gun violence affects the mental health of children and teachers. After graduation Jacob plans to pursue a career in communications. To learn more about Jacob, visit him on Linkedin.

Tony_Port Social

Anthony Pietrewicz

Anthony will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

On campus, he is the production director of the university’s radio station, Cavalier Radio. He has written numerous published articles for the award-winning student newspaper, The Loquitur. He is also the social media manager for the Cabrini’s Catholic Relief Services Chapter. All the while, Anthony works as an RA in freshman residence halls.

Previously, Anthony has interned with Stream Companies in their SEO department and is currently working with Powers Brand Communication as a public relations intern. Anthony has received Dean’s List and President’s List honors each semester at Cabrini University. His expertise lies in digital marketing and video editing, with experience across the digital communication field. After graduation, Anthony plans to leave for Spain where he will teach English while learning Spanish himself. To reach Anthony, connect with him on LinkedIn, or visit his website to see more of his work.  

Sydnee_Port Social

Sydnee Reddy

Sydnee will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2023 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media and a minor in Marketing. 

At Cabrini, she has served as a Resident Assistant during her junior and senior year, as well as Vice President of the campus chapter of the Society of Collegiate Journalists, and a founding member of House 67 Productions, where she serves as a producer. Sydnee served as Media Managing Editor for The Loquitur, the university’s award-winning, student-run newspaper. While being part of the paper, she won second place in Ongoing News Coverage and Diversity Coverage from the 2022 Keystone Student Media Media Awards. She also received Honorable Mention for her work from the College Media Association’s Pinnacle Awards. While being highly involved on campus, Sydnee has maintained high grade standards, ending up on the Dean's List (GPA between 3.5- 3.89) five times.

Outside of the classroom, Sydnee has found a passion for the non-profit world. She has held two internships so far, first with St James School for three summers as an Advancement Intern, then with WHYY as a Major Gifts Intern. From her experiences on and off campus, Sydnee has gained skills in video production, social media, shooting and editing, project management, interpersonal skills, and much more.

For this website, Sydnee focused on how gun violence affects the mental health of both teachers and students. Sydnee chose to focus on this topic because of the rise in gun violence around the nation, especially in school shootings and in shootings that happen in communities surrounding the school. She feels the mental health of both students and teachers deserves more attention. After graduation, Sydnee plans on pursuing a career in fundraising for a non-profit. To learn more about Sydnee, or to even keep in touch, please visit her LinkedIn page.

Matt_Port Social

Matthew Rutherford

Matthew will graduate in May of 2023 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & Social Media and a minor in Sports Communication.

At Cabrini, he has served as the Operations Manager for Cavalier Radio, Cabrini’s student-run internet radio station, as well as President of the campus chapter of the Society of Collegiate Journalists, and a broadcaster for Cabrini Athletics. Matthew is a founding member of Cabrini’s House 67 Productions where he is the host of the Cavalier Roundtable as well as a crew member for other productions. Matthew served as Writing Managing Editor for The Loquitur, the university’s award-winning, student-run newspaper, where he helped lead the paper to win 10 Pennsylvania Keystone Media Awards, as well as a third-place finish for Best Campus Engagement and an honorable mention for Diversity Coverage in the 2022 College Media Association Pinnacle Awards competition. While being this involved, Matthew has been able to maintain high grade standards, earning President’s List honors (GPA 3.9 or higher) four times, and Dean’s List (GPA between 3.5- 3.89) honors twice so far. When he is not in the classroom, Matthew is immersing himself in sports.

He has held two internships so far, first with Next Level Video as an External Operations Intern, then with the Philadelphia Eagles as a Ticket and Fan Services Intern. From his internships and campus engagement, Matthew has gained skills in leadership, video production and editing, project management, customer service, and public speaking, among others.

For this website, Matthew chose to focus on accidental shootings in adolescents because he thought it was an under-researched topic that deserves more attention in the gun violence conversation. After graduation, Matthew plans on pursuing a career in sports media, working for a team, league, or media outlet. To learn more about Matthew, and even message him if you would like, please visit his LinkedIn page.

Chris_Port Social

Christopher Schaller

Chris will graduate from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s in Communication, a minor in Sports Communication, and a certificate in Black Studies in May 2023.

While at Cabrini, Chris was the Sports Editor for the university’s award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Loquitur. Chris wrote over 25 articles for the paper. As an editor, he assigned articles to staff writers and conducted interviews with article sources and volunteered for events as well. Holding a 3.8 GPA, Chris has earned Dean’s List honors five times during his time at Cabrini.

In addition to working as a student journalist, Chris also worked as a social media assistant manager for the Mid Atlantic Concussion Alliance. While holding that position he networked and marketed information about the company’s operations to physical therapists and lawyers who worked with concussion patients. Chris also helped curate the company’s LinkedIn profile and Twitter account, crafting their social media campaigns.

What drew Chris to cover gun violence was the frequency at which shootings happen on a regular basis. In the United States, people have become numb to hearing about the daily shootings or mass shootings that plague the news. Americans hear about it, say how awful it is, then go on with their day. After Cabrini, Chris is looking to apply his talents to a career in journalism and hopes to land a job with a company that will help him grow. To find out more about Chris, visit him on LinkedIn.

TJ_Port Social

Troy Scott

TJ will graduate from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication in May 2023.                                                                       

As a student, TJ played on the Men’s Soccer Team for four years. While competing, TJ served as  the Perspectives Editor for the university’s award-winning, student-run news organization, the Loquitur, during the  2021/2022 school year. TJ earned first place honors from the Keystone Media Awards for the best podcast for “Blackness,, which was a podcast that discussed identity for black and/or people of different mixed ethnicities.

TJ had the opportunity to intern for the Atlantic East Conference, and with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he is currently still employed. TJ also produced content for the entire 2021/2022 school year for Cabrini Men’s Soccer team and for Cabrini Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. TJ has also been part of the Cabrini University Honors program for the past four years.

For this website, TJ looked into how mental health can be affected by gun violence, more specifically how programs that help to fight against gun violence need financial backing to continue their efforts. TJ helped with the interview process, as well as capturing video and photos for the website. After graduation, TJ plans to work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as pursue his interest in sports content creation. To learn more about TJ and his journey, visit his LinkedIn page. 

Erica_Port Social

Erica Zebrowski

Erica will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

At Cabrini, Erica participated in the award-winning student newspaper, The Loquitur, as well as two student-run agencies Social Nexus and House 67 Productions. Outside of Cabrini, Erica is passionate about learning and improving her photography and videography skills. Her experience of being an assistant photographer has helped build her skills in knowing when and how to capture amazing content.

Erica has used these skills to create her video on the connection between domestic violence and gun violence. She was drawn to the topic because she feels that domestic violence needs a bigger focus in some of today's top stories. Erica aspires to become a social media manager after graduation. She can be reached on her LinkedIn page



Spring 2023

Zach_Port Social

Zachary Anglestein

Zach is planning to graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

At Cabrini, Zach has been part of the Loquitur and has written multiple articles for Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run news organization. Zach has earned Dean’s List status during his time at Cabrini. He is proficient in video production and editing having worked on multiple media projects in class and throughout Cabrini.

On this website, Zach was drawn to learn more about how poverty can contribute to gun violence. He produced an audio story that allowed him to analyze how funding goes into school districts that do not need the money while others barely get any. As a result, it can have an effect on younger kids becoming involved with gun violence.

After graduation, Zach plans to pursue a career in the video and editing industry or become involved in a similar role with professional sports teams and work his way up. To connect with Zach, reach out to him on LinkedIn or on to see more of his work.

John_Port Social

John Ecks

John is studying communication at Cabrini University, where he is concentrating on photography, videography and audio.             

John spent his professional career working in product development and marketing in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Influenced by his father, a photographer, lithographer and photoengraver, John’s passion is still photography. His creative outlet is fine art photography, which provides him the ability to explore the bounds of light, color, texture, and perspective.

Ever since he was young, John loved recording people and their stories. Cabrini University provided John the outlet to expand his technical knowledge in recording, editing, and audio content creation. Currently, he is working with an Episcopal priest on a nine-part audio series on death and dying.

On this Cure Firearm Violence website, John focuses on Community Violence Intervention (CVI) programs. John uses his love of visual story creation to craft an informative video that features Philadelphia Ceasefire, a local CVI, that works to prevent gun violence by actively engaging the community to help drive positive community norms.

After completing his studies at Cabrini University, John will work with the non-profit sector to assist organizations in promoting themselves through multimedia marketing. To reach John, contact him at LinkedIn.

Torri_Port Social

Victoria Emmitt

Torri is a Digital Communication and Social Media major who is expected to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in May 2023.                                                                  

Victoria was a third-year transfer student at Cabrini and worked as a reporter for the Loquitur before stepping into her role as the current Editor-In-Chief for this award-winning, student-run newspaper. Victoria is also an executive team member of Social Nexus, the student-run social media agency at Cabrini, where she works with a team to create content and manage social media accounts for internal and external clients. 

In the summer of 2022, Victoria worked at Stream Companies as a social strategist intern to create and manage paid social media advertisements for clients. Currently, Victoria works on Rue Landau’s Campaign for City Council At-Large as a member of the social media team. She creates content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while helping to manage all accounts and the website.

Victoria has an interest in social justice issues and believes that change can start from within communities when they work together, which is why she was drawn to the topic of Community Intervention Programs for this website project. She wanted to tell the story of the root causes of gun violence and how communities can work together for a stronger future. After graduation, Victoria hopes to pursue her passion for social justice, writing, and social media to make a difference. To get in touch with Victoria you can reach out to her via LinkedIn. If you would like to see examples of her work check out her digital portfolio on WordPress.

Lauren_Port Social

Lauren Giannone

Lauren is a Digital Communication and Social Media major at Cabrini University who is graduating with her bachelor of arts degree in May 2023.

Lauren also attained an associate’s degree in Communication Arts from Delaware County Community College.

Lauren has a deep interest in uncovering stories that she feels the community needs to know about. Throughout her time at Cabrini, Lauren was a reporter for the Loquitur, Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run news organization. In that role, she covered newsworthy events on campus, locally and nationally. Her most prized work was an investigative journalism news story that was featured on the front page of Loquitur’s March 12, 2020 issue. The story compared the salaries of regional university presidents. Another one of her articles about the need for adaptive sports on campus made it to print in Cabrini’s Nov. 14, 2019 issue. The article stressed the need for clubs, programs and teams for student athletes who have physical disabilities. Her article about drinking water safety was a featured news item for the Loquitur. The story posed the question: As a consumer, can you trust the laws governing your drinking water?

Lauren’s professional interests are powering companies to stand out in a crowded marketplace via brand development and digital marketing strategy. She has assisted companies in various industry sectors to increase their brand awareness, engage customers, build brand integrity, and grow their customer base. Lauren interned with Glorify Performing Arts as a marketing intern. Some of her accomplishments in that role include: assessing and documenting industry-related keyword research for Search Engine Optimization (SEO); developing, managing and documenting ongoing maintenance for multiple Google Ad campaigns; successfully researching and managing an application for a non-profit specific Google Ad Grant; creating training modules for future interns; streamlining social media marketing by analyzing and auditing social platforms and competitor platforms; researching 30 prospective organizations to partner with; and composing letters to engage those partnerships.

Lauren’s focus for this website is exploring how neighborhood blight contributes to gun violence. As a native Philadelphian herself, she was drawn to organizations in the city who are working, on the front line, in the community on solutions. During her research process she came across Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED programs.These organizations perform activities such as repairing abandoned buildings, vacant lots, maintaining neighborhood green spaces and providing upkeep of neighborhood housing. She found that communities applying CPTED activities reported decreases in gun violence, youth homicide, disorderly conduct, and violent crime. Through the use of audio, Lauren exposes a story of a young man, Semaj, growing up in North Philadelphia and his experience with gun violence. Woven through Semaj’s story are the voices of community leaders and professionals speaking to some of the problems that contribute to gun violence, and some of the work that is being done in the community to prevent it. With Lauren’s deep interest in uncovering stories the community needs to know about, the story reveals some of the policies that prevent organizations from doing the work that the community so deeply needs to do to prevent gun violence. 

Reach out to Lauren on LinkedIn.

Pryce_Port Social

Pryce Jamison

Pryce is a Digital Communication and Social Media major and Writing minor who will be graduating from Cabrini University in May 2023.

Throughout his college journey, Pryce has worked for several on- and off-campus organizations where he engaged in writing, multimedia storytelling, video content creation, and marketing projects. He has served as the Lifestyles section editor for Loquitur News Media, covering news, lifestyles, and sports topics while also editing the work of staff reporters and moderating events with special guests. Pryce was also the co-editor for the creative non-fiction and poetry sections for the Woodcrest Literary Magazine, reviewing nationwide submissions. 

With the Loquitur, Pryce was also one of the recipients of the Keystone Media Award for Ongoing News Coverage. Working with House 67 Productions, which is the student-run video production agency in Cabrini’s Communication Department, and as a peer tutor in Cabrini’s Writing Center, Pryce has made his mark in other areas within the university aside from journalism. 

Pryce interned with the Bucks County Courier Times and served as a sales representative with Vector Marketing. He has been at the top of his class during his time at Cabrini, earning Dean’s List twice. Pryce was also nominated to become a presidential member of Cabrini’s first cohort of the National Society of Leadership and Success. He has acquired and sharpened many skills through a variety of experiences, and also through his coursework. 

In his last four years at Cabrini, Pryce has developed into a skilled written and verbal communicator, editor of written work, interviewer, project manager, event moderator, video editor in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, audio mixer in Logic and Ableton, social media marketer, and Microsoft office expert.

For this website, Pryce and his group studied the link between impoverished communities and their rates of firearm violence. They found that improving educational settings can reduce gun violence in the present and for years to come by uplifting the youth who are at risk. With Pryce being from inner-city environments in New York City and Philadelphia himself, moving through different school districts, he connects  to the issue personally and it is something he can see himself doing as a storyteller for years to come. After graduation, Pryce plans to secure a media position where he can develop and deliver stories for the masses that incite social change. That may be in journalism, public relations, scriptwriting, video production, or social media marketing. To learn more about Pryce, follow him on LinkedIn.

Eddie_Port Social

Edward Martin

Edward will graduate with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media major at Cabrini University in August 2023.

Edward is a detailed-oriented digital media producer with a thorough knowledge of several editing software programs, including Final Cut Pro (FCPX), DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. Edward has over eight years of production experience producing sports-driven content for digital marketing purposes, with five years of filmmaking experience to tell stories to inspire others through innovative video, photo and digital media.

Edward is a full-time freelance videographer, shooting event coverage for companies in cinematic format, which is shared across their social media platforms. This content has resulted in a substantial increase in audience engagement. This opportunity has allowed him to collaborate with nationally-ranked teams and athletes to enhance their media presence.

On this website, Edward has used his filmmaking and editing skills to tell a visually-driven narrative story emphasizing the impact that gun violence has on the youth in impoverished areas. Post-graduation, Edward plans to pursue his freelancing business while collaborating with established organizations across the East coast. To find out more about Edward, connect with him on LinkedIn.

CJ_Port Social

Christopher May

Chris is a Digital Communication and Social Media major and Sports Communication minor at Cabrini University. He will graduate in August 2023.

During his time at Cabrini, Chris has authored numerous articles that touch on topics like sports, lifestyles, and perspectives as part of Loquitur Media, the university’s student-run news organization. He has also been involved in sports broadcasting, commentating on many basketball games for the Cabrini Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. Additionally, Chris hosts a radio show called Jordan's Show on every Friday from 4–6 pm where he talks about a variety of topics like sports, politics, mental health awareness, music, and gossip. Outside the classroom, Chris enjoys working with and mentoring young children in summer programs at Germantown Academy and Abington Friends School.  

For this website, Chris produced an audio story focused on providing after-school programs and safe extracurricular activities for young children that live in the neighborhoods of West and South Philadelphia where gun violence has taken many young lives on the streets of the city.

After graduation, Chris intends to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, along with chasing his passion and career interest for music, and being a musician as well. To learn more about Chris, follow him on LinkedIn.


Melissa Menkeng

Melissa is a senior at Cabrini University who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.                                              

Social media is what Melissa is best known for. She completed a fall semester internship as a social media marketing intern at the Institutional Advancement Department at Cabrini University, where she managed and created engaging content for their social media platforms. 

During her time at Cabrini, Melissa has written numerous articles for the university’s award-winning, student-run news agency, The Loquitur, that focused on lifestyles, sports, and perspectives. Outside of school, Melissa is also a photographer; her work consists of lifestyle photography, and she also specializes in photographing events.

After graduation, Melissa plans on working full-time as a social media manager or marketer. She also would like to continue a hobby outside of work, whether it’s photography or content creation. To learn more about Melissa, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Jake_Port Social

John Rader

Jake is a Senior digital content creator at Cabrini University, studying Communication. He is interested in news broadcasting and video production.

Before his time at Cabrini, he interned for a sports media company, Branded Sports during the Spring/Summer of 2020. There he was tasked with writing weekly blog posts, along with running the company’s Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok account. When his internship ended, he had grown their social channels by nearly 15,000 new followers.

Jake also recorded and edited his own fantasy football podcast, The Nest Football Show, which he did weekly. The show highlighted the best players in the NFL. He would film and edit videos promoting his podcast and the other podcasts his company had to offer.

In addition, he took part in a journalism class at Delaware County Community College, which prepared him for Journalism as a core requirement at Cabrini University.

While  at Cabrini, Jake has been involved with the award-winning, student-run newspaper, The Loquitur. During his Senior year, he was elevated to the role of News Editor, with the responsibility of editing the work of staff writers and preparing them to take on the role of editor the following year. While writing for the Loquitur, Jake has reported on many important topics, such as human trafficking and domestic violence.

Also in his Senior year, Jake has become on-air talent with House 67 Productions, the university’s student managed video production agency that creates in-studio content about the happenings of the Cabrini community. This role has enabled Jake to continue to develop his hosting and scriptwriting skills. It has also continued to hone his skills in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Audition.Aside from these roles, Jake has also done play by play commentary for Cabrini, further enhancing his on-air skills.

On this website, Jake produced a video story focused on finding solutions for gun violence in impoverished communities, through education and proper funding.

After graduation, Jake plans to pursue a career in public relations or marketing. To learn more about Jake, connect with him on LinkedIn. 

Jahmeelah_Port Social

Jahmeelah Ries

Jahmeelah is a driven and creative Senior studying Digital Communication and Social Media at Cabrini University, where she is also pursuing a minor in English.

Jahmeelah is no stranger to the world of social media, having completed a summer internship as a Social Media Marketing intern at a Philly-based VFX company where she managed and created engaging content for their social media platforms. 

Jahmeelah then continued to hone her digital media skills as a Digital Media and Communications intern for Cabrini University, where she created interactive content for the Institutional Advancement office's social media platforms. Jahmeelah is also a member of Social Nexus, a student-run social media agency that works with clients to enhance their social media presence.

After graduation, Jahmeelah plans to work part-time as a content creator while pursuing a full-time position as a Social Media Specialist in either the Fashion or Food & Beverage industry. Jahmeelah's passion for digital media and communications will continue as she pursues a master's degree in Strategic and Digital Communications at Drexel University starting in fall 2023. With her experience, education, and dedication, Jahmeelah is sure to make a positive impact in the field of social media and beyond. To learn more about Jahmeelah, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Tommy_Port Social

Thomas Ryan

Thomas Ryan is a senior at Cabrini University who will be graduating in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.            

Being a freelance photographer for the past three years has allowed him to encounter many different people from different walks of life. This is something that drives his passion for photography and visual storytelling. Thomas has worked in sports media for several companies including Apex Lacrosse Events, Cabrini University Athletics, and various other sports teams around the Philadelphia area. 

Through his years at Cabrini, Thomas has been involved in the Communication Department’s various student-run media agencies. These include House 67, a video and film production house, as well as The Loquitur, Cabrini’s award-winning news agency. In his four years at Cabrini, Thomas participated in many classes that have taught him the necessary skills to tell compelling stories in meaningful ways through multiple media forms. Classes such as Senior Convergence: Media for Social Justice, Multimedia Story Creation, Video Production, and a range of advanced video courses have taught him to not only tell stories that matter, but structure those stories in a way that gets the audience attached.

For this website, Thomas wrote an article on the positive impact that after-school programs have on the professional and personal development of youth along with how these programs decrease the level of violence amongst inner-city youth.

After graduation, Thomas intends to work in the creative industry, ideally as a freelance sports photographer or as a creative media lead for Cabrini Athletics. To find out more about Thomas, connect with him on LinkedIn

Max_Port Social

Max Silverman

Max is an honors student who will graduate with bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media from Cabrini University in May 2023.

During his time at Cabrini, Max served as both News Editor and Assistant Editor for the Loquitur, the university's award-winning, student-run news agency. As a staff member for Loquitur, Max won two Pennsylvania News Media Keystone awards for his coverage of the vigil service for Walter Wallace Jr., a man who was shot and killed by police after an argument with a family member. The editorial staff also won a national award during Max’s time on the Loquitur. While a student at Cabrini, Max also co-founded a rock climbing club on campus. In the summer of 2022, he interned as a Paid Search intern at Stream Companies, a digital marketing agency. 

On this website, Max used his talent for writing and storytelling to create infographics that showcase how economically disadvantaged communities are given less opportunities for an education and how this can lead to an increase in gun violence.

After graduation, he intends to enter the field of journalism. To learn more about Max, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Lashay Smith

Lashay will graduate from Cabrini University in May of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media.

During her time at Cabrini, she developed a passion for storytelling through podcasting and social media. She was the first podcast editor and host for the Loquitur’s podcast, Talk 59. Loquitur is Cabrini’s award-winning, student-run news agency, and Talk 59 is a product vertical within that agency that focuses on breaking news on campus, events, and stories of current students. Lashay was also an executive member of Social Nexus, Cabrini’s student-run social media agency that assists internal and external clients with their social media strategy and tactics. In addition to these roles, Lashay served as secretary of the Society of Collegiate Journalists honor society. 

Not only was Lashay involved in the Communication Department, she also took her skills and talents to Stream Companies and interned there as a Client Services Coordinator. She reported performance data leveraging multiple software tools, including Google Analytics, Google Trends, Full Throttle Shopper Suite, Bright Edge, and Adnomics. Along with presenting data, Lashay also built and designed decks for client pitch meetings which supported the agency’s growth.

Because of her podcasting skills, Lashay chose to tell an audio story for this website that focused on Community Violence Intervention programs and their successes.  She hopes her story inspires people to become part of the change to end community gun violence. After graduation, Lashay intends to pursue a career in marketing and communication.. To learn more about Lashay, follow her on LinkedIn.